Something unexpected.

The routine of following lesson after lesson can be very tiring. Recess time always seems so far away. The bell rings. One teacher leaves, another appears. What we need is a break from the monotony. 

One morning, we had a lesson as a matter of routine when I felt that it was going to be just another day of endless studying. After what seemed a long time the bell rang for the second period. The Mathematics teacher left. Next would be Geography with Mrs. Ellen. 

The short break between the going of one teacher and the coming of the next was when we had the opportunity to talk and have some fun. It usually lasted a minute or two, sometimes more. 

This time no teacher appeared even after five minutes. We were having a great time. Ten minutes, Mrs. Ellen still did not appear. Our monitor went out in search of her. A few minutes later, he returned to announce that Mrs. Ellen was absent. We cheered. This was unexpected, but it was welcome. 

So for forty minutes we literally fooled around. The monitor could do nothing. What a good time we had. The bell rang again. Forty minutes of fun seemed so short, but it was great while it lasted. 

Again no teacher appeared. It was another case of an absent teacher. We cheered even louder because it was a double-period which meant we were free until recess. 

Altogether we had one hundred and twenty minutes two hours of no lesson. It was unexpected of course and I have to say I enjoyed it very much. I would not mind having more of this unexpected thing. 

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